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The fifth annual exhibition of the Businesswomen's Committee in Homs ... stories of will and life

The will to live, love of beauty, glorification and pride in ancestral heritage is what dominates the exhibits of the fifth exhibition in support of women, which is being held by the Businesswomen Committee in the Homs Chamber of Commerce in support of Syrian women.

The exhibits tell a variety of stories, some of them tell about the struggle of Syrian women against the critical conditions of war that she faced, and how she won thanks to her strong will,  and decided to start her life again like a phoenix and earn a livelihood despite the harsh current conditions. The others depict the skill of the Syrian woman and her ability to create beauty despite the war chaos.


The exhibition displays products for small and micro enterprises for women, representing various professions, handicrafts, woolen crafts, sewing and designing, various antiques, accessories, ornamental tools and various food items.

In a statement to  Syria Times e-newspaper, Mrs. Afaf Al-Hassan, Chairman of the Businesswomen Committee, stated, "We are seeking for various ways to support women who are looking for a job opportunity in innovative and creative ways through a profession that they learned from a mother, a grandmother, an institute, or even a course. The exhibition is a positive and serious step that secures a market for selling products and increases the number of customers who wish to purchase these distinctive handmade products without incurring any expenses for the participating woman.

She highlighted the committee’s financial and moral role as it works to secure a market for selling products, even if it is temporary, but it is, as she said, a good start. It also seeks at the same time to enhance the desire of the woman to start a small project that secures steady income and provides psychological stability for women and the family in general.

Reem Al-Sha'ar, one of the participants, says, "The approval and admiration that my products received at the last exhibition were a great motivation for me to develop my talent and work hard to create a place for myself in the world of art.

I began my work process with making accessories, children’s dolls and many other products, using a dough, which is very similar to Fimo dough. I made it myself, because unfortunately there is no Fimo in our country. As for my participation this year, I tried to present new ideas for my exhibits using the Relief Sculpture techniques, so the children's stories were an inspiration to me, as the houses of stories with their distinctive doors attracted me. Thus the oriental rustic house, which is famous for the grape vines decorating its door, is one of my most important exhibits this year, as well as sculptures of boxes, including a book-shaped box, which was the icon of my work for this exhibition. "

Al-Sha'ar went on to say, "Childhood has had the largest share in my work and I have presented sculptures for the children’s world, as I am a mother of two children and familiar with the fascinating world of children. My children were my strong motivation to continue working and achieving a prominent position in life that would be a source of pride for them on the one hand, and to secure livelihood and earn a source of income that meets their growing needs, especially since I am the only provider for them after my divorce on the other hand".

"Thanks to God that my work has won the admiration of a number of important artists, especially the creative artist, Eyad Bilal who supported my talent when I joined the Subhi Shuaib Institute of Art, and I was pleasured that I am one of his students," she concluded

Ahed Abbara showed satisfaction to participate in this exhibition, which is considered the best place to market her skillfully woven handicrafts, especially since dozens of women make a living from knitting these products.

As for the fourth participation of Leen Al-Saj, it was represented by a distinguished group of handicrafts covered with velvet and decorated with roses of cellophane ribbons.

Eyad Darraq Al-Sebaei, head of the Homs Chamber of Commerce, noted the importance of holding such exhibitions that would develop the role of Syrian women in society, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions.

He pointed to holding a series of economic activities during the coming months after the rehabilitation of the main hall of the exhibition city that was damaged during the crisis.

The exhibition, which hosts 85 skilled participants with distinctive products, continues until the 22nd of this month.


Reported by: Amal Farhat