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On their Day, the mothers of the martyrs recount the sacrifices and heroics of their sons

On the morning of Mother's Day in the year 2020,was  the last contact between Nadia, the mother of the martyr Sumer Shaddd, and her son, who spent seven years of military service in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army. 

During the years of war, in the evening came the news of his death during a mission he was undertaking in the countryside of Aleppo.

Nadia said that she will go with his two sons and his wife to greet him on her birthday, calling for mercy and on his colleagues for victory and safe return to their mothers. 

On other hand, in 2012, the mother of the martyr Faez Mansour lost her son, who was martyred during a mission in Homs. 

She said: “I spent long days crying alone, but I was expecting this news .” 

She added: “ In Mother Days, my martyr son used to send me a gift, the last of which was a blanket, which I wear today, giving me warmth after I have aged.

The long years of absence from the year 2012, when the young Khader Ali Hassan was martyred in the countryside of Damascus, and until now are not enough for his mother to forget her son. 

She is still embracing his image and praying for him for  mercy, confirming that she raised him and his brothers for the love of the homeland and sacrifice for it at all costs.


O. al-Mohammad