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Honoring Syrian mothers who excelled in various fields

On the occasion of International Women's Day and Mother's Day, Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts  in Damascus has recently hosted  a celebration in  honoring of the Syrian mother who excelled in various social artistic and humanitarian  fields in recent years . 

The festivity , which was organized by “ Sit Al-Kul” food company, based on the importance of the public and private sectors’  role in  developing  the economy  process and collective  work in the Syrian society.


During the celebration , a group of Syrian  activist  women  in social affairs and the media sector as well as  stars of Syrian drama were honored. 

 The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Salwa Abdullah, stressed in a speech  that “despite the unjust war that Syria was subjected to,  we reached the safety shore  thanks to  the energy  and brave stances of Syrian  heroes and women who astonished the world with their steadfastness and heroism”.  

Dr. Abdullah emphasized the role of the civil society and the establishments  of the public and private sectors in supporting the steadfastness of Syria in confronting the hostile conspiracy and the war that was waged against it in an attempt to undermine Syria’s  sovereignty, independence of its decision, its infrastructure and its national economy and target the rich resources of the Syrian people including  wheat, oil and agricultural crops.  

She  noted  that the Ministry worked to launch the national campaign of “Syrian Family Days” in cooperation with the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs to raise awareness about  the central position of the family as a basis for the building and recovery of society.

The General Director of  "Sit Al-Kul"  food  Company, Mahmoud Abdel-Hamid, pointed out that civilization is a cognitive and cultural cohesion in which enlightened thinking, strong hands and high motivation have merged to build the human being, indicating that the festivity  is a step for partnership that aims to honor the generous Syrian mother.

The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Damascus, Engineer Adel Al-Olabi, a number of members of the People's Assembly and the Damascus Chamber of Industry and those who are interested in societal affairs.

It is noteworthy that the "Sit Al Kul" food company was established in 2018.Its main headquarters is  in Damascus, and it has several branches around the world.  The company  manufactures  all kinds of food products and markets them in the international markets with the aim of  introducing Syrian products . 


Rawaa Ghanam