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The fifth exhibition in support of women’s activities in the Al Wa'er Fairgrounds, soon

Homs, (ST)- With the aim of empowering and supporting women on various social and economic levels and  reviving life  for each part of the governorate, the Businesswomen's Committee in the Homs Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Junior International Chamber in Homs, will hold the fifth exhibition in support of women's activities in the exhibition city of  the Al-Wa'er region.

On the importance of the exhibition, Afaf al-Hassan, head of the Businesswomen’s Committee at the Homs Chamber of Commerce stated to  Syria Times e- newspaper that the committee’s exhibitions aim at supporting women's activities at all social, economic, professional and moral levels and empowering them as they are, in most cases, the only source of income for the family".

"More than 85 women will participate in the exhibition with distinctive businesses and wonderful handicrafts that show the high craftsmanship and unique skills that the women of Homs possess. Thus the exhibition will be an opportunity to show the capabilities, skills and distinctive works of these women that qualify them to build an economic basis , in addition to the fact that such exhibitions are considered a platform to market the products of these women," al-Hassan" added.

With regard to the value that the exhibition will provide to the economic and commercial movement in the city of Homs, Mrs. Al-Al-Hassan explained, "The exhibition has great significance at the individual and national level as well. The added value that the exhibition will provide to women, the moral and financial support, will be an encouraging incentive for every woman to develop her skills, in addition to the economic proceeds that will be reflected in an effective economic activity in the city in general and the Wa'er neighborhood in particular".

" We organized the first exhibition in 2016 in the old city of Homs at the chamber’s headquarters , shortly after the armed gangs left it,  today we are holding our first exhibition in the fairgrounds of Al-Wa'er to encourage the revitalization of the neighborhood as one of the most important fairgrounds in Syria as it was before the war," Al-Hassan concluded.

It is worth noting that the Businesswomen’s Committee was created in 2001 to achieve a number of strategic goals, the most important of which are:

Raising the level of competencies and skills necessary for businesswomen that help them to play an effective role in the development of the national economy.

Helping businesswomen  to understand the different laws and regulations of economic activities in various fields at home and abroad through seminars, training courses and workshops, and finally representing businesswomen in international and Arab forums by participating in conferences and establishing cooperation and coordination relations with all economic groupings locally, regionally and internationally to exchange experiences.

The exhibition will run from the 16th to 22 March in the exhibition city of the Al-Wa'er neighborhood

Reported by: Amal Farhat