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On occasion of International Women's Day, Facebook launches e- book shedding light on achievements of Eastern women

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, Facebook launched an e-book featuring 26 women from across the media and entertainment industries. The e-book, which is part of the “She Creates” event held in December, showcases the successes and accomplishments made by women from the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey to highlight these women’s experiences, achievements, and words of advice.

"Women lead initiatives that have deep meanings and goals and contribute to the development of business movement and activities in all sectors and industries. This reflects the essence of this project, which aims at providing sources of inspiration for the next generations of women in the coming years," Facebook said in a statement on its official website.


Facebook pointed out that despite the repercussions  of Covid-19 pandemic, there is still cooperation between women around the world through the group of Facebook applications that helped them provide support for each other. Women continued to build their societies, develop their businesses, create active movements and inspire future generations to converge and come together to overcome the unexpected challenges.

 “This year’s International Women’s Day is about amplifying voices of women from diverse backgrounds, with the primary objective in developing a sense of value for communities all over the region. These are influential individuals who, in some way or another, have shown an ability to bring people together both on and off our platforms by creating change and leaving a resounding impact on the lives of others. Though our work around promoting greater inclusion is not tied to a single day, month, or year, we are pleased to be partnering with these women on this momentous occasion to support their journeys and achievements,” said Moon Baz, Strategic Partner Manager of Facebook MENA.

Derya Matrach, Facebook's Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa, said that every day is a day to celebrate and advance women, noting that the purpose of the e-book “She Creates” is to highlight the amazing daily impact of women across the region, the difference it makes, and the change it creates.

The e-book was published on the Facebook page (Arabia) on the 8th of March in celebration of International Women's Day to shed light on female leaders and women who are helping to shape as well as creating change within their communities.


Inas Abdulkareem