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Damascus (ST): On the occasion of World's Woman's Day, the Juzoor ( Roots) Association for Development honored 9 distinguished women who were able to overcome difficulties and achieve their dreams in various fields, during an event entitled "A Butterfly

The honored women presented their success stories with determination and will, as Najla'a Burghul, 78, a student in the last year of the Libraries Department at Tishreen University,  said that she defied the difficulties and fulfilled her dream of entering the university at this age.

Juhaina Al-Khater, from Dara'a, explained that she followed the education stages of her son who has  a hearing impairment until he reached the College , where she accompanied him to the university, along with her work as a teacher, while Suheir Abu Hamdan succeeded in establishing the first car wash in Sweida, with women working only and providing services to female drivers.

Ghosoun Idris, a martyr's mother, talked about her work in wind engines in a mill in Salamiyeh and her determination to succeed, especially since this work is restricted for men. Nisreen  Watfah  pointed out that disability did not prevent her from working as a teacher at Al-Amal Institute for the Disabled in Damascus. Kenana Al-Bunni, a taxi driver, indicated that strong will is what a woman needs to achieve what she wants, while Suheir Haza'a from Deir Ezzor said that she is proud of being the first woman to work in collecting water bills.

President of the Roots Association, Kholoud Rajab stated in a statement that the aim of the event is to highlight women who have been able to break the stereotype , work in non-traditional professions and leave a positive impact on society.

On the sidelines of the event, a documentary film was shown about the work of the honored women and the people who support them.

Actress Wafa' Mousalli confirmed in a speech she made  during the event that these cases and stories are a source of inspiration and pride for all, and the success recorded for Syrian women is a pride for us all.