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With the participation of thirty women…Handicrafts exhibition launched in Aleppo

Aleppo, (ST) - As  teacher's day mother's  day and  Easter approach  , the Armenian Catholic Church of the Holy Cross in Aleppo hosted yesterday the Handicraft Exhibition with the participation of thirty women, who exhibited various handicrafts such as crochet, sweets, plastic paintings, and gifts.

Father Antoine Tahan of the Holy Cross Church stated to SANA that the exhibition aims at encouraging national industry and focus on the role of Syrian women, especially the role of the Aleppian woman in supporting her family as she contributes to supporting the family and the homeland.

 Malak Kharaji indicated that her participation in the exhibition, which lasts for three days, comes as a confirmation that Syria is still fine and that economic life continues, especially in the city of Aleppo, noting that the Aleppian woman will remain steadfast and creative and that, through her manual work, she will contribute to the support of her family.

Noel Mosley indicated that her participation in the exhibition was represented by displaying homemade food products on the approaching holidays so that people could be acquainted with these products and to confirm that the Aleppo woman always has a distinctive and creative touch in all of her works.

Joel Burm participated with natural products, which are cactus plants that she planted in her home, noting that she offers these products at reasonable and competitive prices to the market.

Mona Sununu, through her products, tries to revive the heritage with modern touches, noting that its products save a lot for the family, especially in light of the current circumstances, as it depends on fashion design and making bags by recycling fabrics.

The visitors emphasized the excellence of the exhibition as it displays various products suitable for holidays, wishing it to be fruitful and supportive for women.



Amal Farhat