"Skilled Women" Program in Aleppo ... Enhancing women's capabilities and empowering them to choose productive projects

Aleppo, (ST)- Enhancing women's capabilities, developing their skills, enabling them to choose appropriate productive projects, managing their time well to be an effective partner in building society and supporting the national economy, are among the most important goals that the "Skilled Women" program,  by the Business Women Committee of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, seeks to achieve.

Head of the Chamber’s Businesswomen Committee indicated to SANA that the “Skilled Women” program included organizing several theoretical lectures and practical applications for the participants on life skills, communication, time management, as well as the economic feasibility study and planning for any project that any woman could carry out to enter the labor market and achieve success.

 Secretary of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, Engineer Ra'fat Shamma, said that the "Skilled Women" program is working to establish successive training courses to empower women in order to supply the labor market with productive businesswomen.

He pointed out that work is progressing in parallel to implement the "steadfast women" program, targeting the families of the wounded, martyrs and war-wounded, to help them enter the labor market.

Samah Khayyata, a member of the Businesswomen Committee at the Chamber of Industry, indicated that the program's training courses aim to enhance the role of women, guide them and help them to create small future projects that will bring them benefit and be a source of income.

Trainer Mariana Al-Hanash, who is concerned with protection, psychological support and negotiation skills programs, pointed out that she trains participants on life skills, communication, and time management, as well as forming work teams in order to develop their capabilities and help them communicate in society, enter the labor market and find appropriate livelihoods by establishing profitable economic projects. "We also work to eliminate social problems that women face, such as early marriage," she added.

The consultant and trainer at the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, Muhammad Munir Olabi indicated that he provides business plans for the participants to help them start their projects, enhance their marketing skills and study the economic feasibility of the market's gaps, highlighting the participants' response and high morale and their willingness to start their own small projects.

The participants stressed that they gained ideas from the program to set up their own projects, as well as the practical steps to implement these projects, and that the training courses have guided them to the first steps for establishing a successful project and avoiding loss and mistakes.


Amal Farhat