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Craftswomen of Homs create beauty and make a living

Homs, (ST) - The handicraft industries in Homs are ancient, as they are passed down from one generation to another, and women in this province are keen to preserve these industries that reflect the region’s heritage and distinction.

According to Ibtisam Dayoub, a resident of Homs, handicrafts are considered a source of income for many female breadwinners, especially as it requires a talent that many do not know well; pointing out that her passion for handicrafts motivated her to practice sewing.

Dayoub's gentle sense and talent enabled her to execute very fine pieces of art, noting the importance of exhibitions and bazaars in introducing people to her creativity and marketing her products.

As for artisan umm Jaber, she is creative in another field where she makes various works of wool, pointing out that this talent grew within her and developed until she became professional and this craft became a source of income for her.

These craftswomen and others considered  the "House of Handicrafts" affiliated to the Karm Al-Shami Charitable Association and the exhibitions it holds, the last of which is the annual exhibition; the outlet that enables them to market their products and improve their quality to meet the market requirements.

Supervisor of the house, Siham Al-Beri, indicated to SANA that the handicraft house helps women and the affected families   to have their own business and to secure a sustainable income for them, pointing out that in the last year, 151 women and girls were trained in various handicrafts including sewing, embroidery, wool, hair styling and beautification.


Amal Farhat