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"Outstanding Ladies"… A bazaar to support productive projects and handicrafts in Homs

Homs, (ST) - Forty-five women who possessed the will, determination, and passion to establish their own enterprises showed their work and products, which are mostly handicrafts, to a large segment of the people of Homs in a bazaar for  "Outstanding Ladies" in order to promote their products and introduce people to them.

The bazaar, which lasts for four consecutive days in the Royal Park Hall in the Al-Insha'at neighborhood in Homs, includes mostly works of young women presenting their production for the first time and distinct projects for some other women. The bazaar also embraces a special section for rural women's work in the Homs Agriculture Directorate, where the bazaar includes handicrafts such as (crochet, soap making, household foods and ornamental plants).

Noura Al-Rifai, the bazaar's organizer and its supervisor, indicated that the bazaar forms support for Syrian women and handmade products in particular, as it is an opportunity to market these products and support young women who do not have shops to display their various products as well as to contribute to the marketing of these products.


"The aim of the bazaar is to support women and various youth initiatives to carry on with these various works and crafts", Al-Rifai explained.

Engineer, Isra' Jada', representative of the Rural Women Department in the Homs Agriculture Directorate, indicated that their various products which were displayed in several pavilions in the rural women's products market, are 100% natural products made in villages and are free of preservatives , which led to a great response among people to acquiring these products. She pointed out that the aim of their participation is to support distinguished women in various villages through the bazaar, as well as empowering women and marketing their products.

Amal Farhat