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Iman Fakeh a model of a Syrian woman worrier

Syrian women stories throughout war are truly incredible. Women who challenged stressful circumstances and overcome difficulties, fear and anxiety, have restored the rhythm of life despite fatigue. Iman Fakeh is one of those warriors, who have gone through difficult experiences in the course of her life.

Her early marriage did not stand in the way of her academic excellence, which was a condition for accepting marriage to pursue her aspirations in studying English language. The date of her delivery date coincided with the period of taking high school exams twice. Despite that condition, she insisted on continuing until she obtained a high school diploma in 2003 with good grades. However, the change of the English language faculty grades system in 2003 prevented her from pursuing her university studies for the English language department.

Regardless of her community’s patriarchal attitude that does not encourage woman freedom or education, she was still preoccupied with continuing her studies. Therefore, she insisted on pursuing her ambitions through her love for cuisine, which she enjoyed while preparing dishes and sweets.

Her first experience began outside home by helping neighbors, relatives and friends who encouraged her to think about accomplishing her own project-despite weak financial capabilities- after she gained their trust by presenting high quality products.

Mrs. Fakeh, who is a mother of six children, says that the cuisine art need fine talent and special mood, as the eye is the first tester of any dish to get the acceptance and satisfaction of the consumer. And this is what I have mastered in outward appearance and taste.

That was a turning point in her career, as she began her small project by making natural food products according to each season; including: cheese, milk, grains, jams, apricots, cherries, raspberries, figs, grapes, pumpkins, as well as dry and moist pepper. She also makes various fresh juices, as well as tomato molasses, which gain great reputation. In addition to Makdous, dried flowers and sweets varieties.

All that coincided with the representative of the World Food Organization "FAO" visit to her village, "Hailin", Masyaf, who was there to support small to medium food projects.

FAO’s representative observed closely what Iman was doing in terms of manufacturing natural food with high quality that were meeting the needs of her local community. He praised her work and presented a well-deserved gratitude card.

Ten days after this meeting in her village, she was invited by FAO to Damascus to attend a conference at the Four Seasons Hotel to present her food processing project along with other participating rural women from various governorates of the country. Fakeh won approval and appreciation, along with providing financial and moral support.

 “This moral tribute equals millions. It changed me on the emotional and human level, as it strengthened my confidence as a Syrian woman and mother who works hard to achieve the minimum level of self-sufficiency for my family and my people.” She finally exclaimed.

Lama Razzouq