Supporting Women 's Activity" Exhibition for Women Empowerment

With the aim of supporting productive ladies, The Business Women Committee Exhibition, was recently launched in Homs with the participation of forty women presented a set of manual and traditional works.

The exhibition, which lasted for three days in the Homs Chamber of Commerce, included a variety of handicrafts that mimic modernity with heritage templates  , such as various textile pieces and embroideries, in addition to the  different innovative methods in preserving foodstuffs, making pastries, antiques, gifts, ornamental pieces, and recycling of environmental waste including cloth, wood, glass, and others.

Ms. Ahed Abbara: "Due to the cruel war that made most women lose their  breadwinner,  a group of women ,girls and myself decided to start a project to secure a financial resource for our families, so we started carrying out courses to teach women embroidery, sewing, and various handicrafts.

Our products, thanks God, have been well received by visitors, and this is a great incentive for us to continue and develop our business".

The sisters Hana, Malak and Hoda Jahjah considered that their participation in the exhibition for the first time was an important opportunity to introduce their products of embroideries and bedspreads, which need patience, accuracy and aesthetic designs that are compatible with different tastes.

"Our presence in this exhibition reflects the will and determination of the Syrian woman to overcome all hardships and pains and to prove herself and her role in building her country as it has been throughout the ages" Hana added.

While Rawan Suleiman, an architect, called on all women to engage in productive work and small projects that contribute to the advancement of the family and society and highlight the pioneering role of Syrian women in facing various challenges, stressing that she supports any work or activity that enhances the role of women.

Reem Shaar, a designer of accessories and art pieces confirmed that her participation in the exhibition is a lifeline for her and her children as it was an important opportunity for her to display her products which are her only source of livelihood, as she is without a breadwinner.

Reem went on saying: "The people's positive reaction to my products and their admiration for my work motivated me to continue this work that I love and give a lot of my time and effort and I have managed, thanks God,  to make unique artistic things that are unlike anything else."

The head of the Businesswomen Committee at Homs Chamber of Commerce, Afaf Al-Hassan, pointed out that the exhibition comes within our people's celebrations of the glorious March festivals and International Women's Day, and also an embodiment of the important role of women in the development process , as well as, introducing the products of creative women in various fields in order to market their products.

Mrs. Al-Hassan pointed  to the cooperation and coordination between the committee and the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority to adopt  pioneering projects for the participants and provide them with the necessary support in accordance with the approved regulations and controls.



Interviewed by Amal Farhat

Photos by Amal Farhat