Syrian women show unique steadfastness despite deep wounds

Nine years of terrorist war on Syria have had adverse impacts on all citizens, particularly women, who have faced different forms of challenges and have taken new roles and responsibilities in supporting their families.

On International Women's Day, it is important to remind the world that Syria encompasses plenty of examples of great Syrian women who have lost their loved ones in the terrorist war, yet kept steadfast ,struggling to bring up their children, defy the economic burdens of life under the crisis and maintain their key role in all domains.

"Syrian women have always been an example of giving, resistance and patience, struggling alongside the heroes of the Syrian army both in battlefields and at home, where they have been the breadwinners of their families given the absence of their men who are either still fighting terrorism or were martyred defending the homeland,” said Nabila Ibrahim, a sister of two martyrs- Nader and Ibrahim- and the wife of the wounded soldier Amer Othman.

She stressed that that the martyrdom of her two brothers and the wounds of her husband while defending Syria against takfiri terrorists is a source of pride to her and to her mother, pointing out that the difficulties that have faced women during the war have strengthened their determination to give more.

 The loss of a son, a husband, a brother or a father in an unfair war has been so difficult for Syrian women, yet it has been an inspiration for creative works by some women.

Suheila al-Aji, the mother of martyr Bunyan Wannous, one of the hero soldiers who defended al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo against takfiri terrorists, said that her pain over the loss of her son inspired her to write a book about the real events that happened there titled “The Day of Martyrdom” in which she talked in detail about the legendary steadfastness of her son and his comrades in confrontation of the terrorists' siege and attacks targeting al-Kindi hospital to the point where they were executed at the hands of takfir terrorists in 2013.

She urged all martyrs’ mothers to document the stories of their heroic sons because they would be  the best in expressing their emotions and in telling the truth.

"The civilization of a nation is measured by women’s culture and awareness. Syrian women, during the years of the terrorist war, have proved to the entire world that there is nothing impossible and life and creativity continues despite the deep wounds, al-Aji said, affirming that Syrian women have taught their sons how to love their homeland and how to defend it tirelessly.

On her part, Mrs. Wafa Awad, a mother of two martyrs, lieutenant Colonel Haitham Awad and Captain Ali Awad, said Syrian women never stop giving when the matter has to do with the homeland’s safety.

 "I have three other sons who are serving in the army to continue the march of their martyred  brothers in defending their beloved Syria,” she said proudly.

Hweida As’ad, the wife of Brigadier Ghaleb Ali, who was martyred in 2012, stressed that despite all the difficulties that faced her because of the loss of her husband, she felt an even greater responsibility to give more to the homeland.

She insisted on keeping her elder son within the ranks of the Syrian army, supported her daughter's work as a journalist to convey the truth about what is happening in Syria and encouraged her younger son to complete his studies at the Faculty of Dentistry.

According to Anisa Harbiyeh, the mother of Martyr Captain Basel Taleb Ahmad from Lattakia, Syrian women continue to be an example of giving and struggle.

"We, mothers, have nothing greater or more valuable than our sons to offer to our beloved homeland which deserves a better life than the one the enemies want for Syria," she said.

Also, like many other steadfast Syrian women, the wife of martyr Ali As'ad, expressed her only wish, which is to be strong and patient enough to continue bringing up her children.

Hamda Mustafa