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On International Women's Day.. Syrian women in trade unions have proved dedication, diligence, high sense of responsibility

On the occasion of International Women's Day, it is necessary to shed light on the positive actions of women working in trade unions in terms of serving their colleagues on the one hand and conveying the voice of working women on the other. It is also necessary to focus on the increase in women’s participation in various leadership positions thus reflecting a bright image of Syrian women.

Head of the Syndicate of Pharmacists in Syria, Dr. Wafaa Keshi, said that the woman’s unionist work has given an added value to output and reflected their bright image through their diligence and dedication to work. She added that this role has grown and women have begun to occupy advanced positions in trade unions.

Dr. Keshi began her unionist career in 2003. Her experience has accumulated and developed to enable her to serve her colleagues, defend their interests, increase the advantages provided to them, enhance their skills and strengthen the union's position in society. She affirmed that unionist work has showed the ability of Syrian women to give, innovate and renew.

On his part, head of the Agricultural Engineers Syndicate, Dr. Eng. Rama Aziz indicated that unionist work is a voluntary kind of work that aims at serving colleagues, pointing out that whoever enters this field must be fully aware of the size of the responsibility he/she must undertake to meet the needs of those who put their trust in him. She clarified that the legislative, political and social environment in Syria is appropriate and encouraging for women’s work in different fields, including in trade unions that contribute a lot to women's success.


Mayada Al-Hafiz, member of the Executive Bureau of the Damascus Workers Union, said that she became the head of the Tobacco Workers Union in Damascus in 2007 and she was the first woman to occupy this position and shoulder this responsibility thus proving the success of women in the field of unionist work including in the union’s leadership. She noted the support being provided to Syrian women to join unionist work in a way that guarantees their rights according to regulations and rules.

Member of the Executive Bureau of the Lattakia Workers Union Leila Esber said that Syrian women have made their presence felt in all fields of work, including in trade unions, especially during the terrorist war on Syria as they proved their high ability to keep steadfast and strong enough to tolerate the social and economic burdens of life under war.

Serving the homeland has always been the Syrian women's top priority as they have been ready to fill any possible gaps at work sites, given the circumstances of the terrorist war on Syria.

Haifaa Mafalani