"Their Music" a Classical Music Evening to Mark "Women Day"

Under the patronage of Mr. Muhammad Al-Ahmad, Minister of Culture and the Directorate of Musical Institutes and Ballet, Mahmoud Al-Ajan Institute of Music will hold a classical music evening on Monday at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia, entitled "Their Music", marking International Women's Day which is celebrated worldwide on March 8.

"We intended to hold this event on Women’s Day in an attempt to introduce some of the female musicians who performed musical masterpieces and did not receive the popularity that the works of male musicians had received" , Miss Salma Mhana, the supervisor of the evening, declared to the Syria times e-newspaper.

 She went on to say: "The idea of this evening  emerged when I decided to start the "group playing" course , since I wanted to start with a new and distinct idea to be a project for a work of a special nature to be performed on the stage. I tried to find a simple and clear title to make the followers take a general idea on the nature of work and at the same time stimulates their desire to discover the details."

"In my opinion, the female musical composers are the same as the male musical composers , they followed the same templates and presented the same music content to the musical archive , and personally, I do not see any difference even with emotional aspect, as we will note in the event  that the musical works that will be presented are very similar to the works presented by musical composers of the same age and the same artistic condition," Mhana added.

Shaza Muhammad, the director of Mahmoud Al-Ajan institute, said: "The ceremony will include a number of dual compositions, which will be performed by a number of institute' students, in addition to music works of the Chamber Orchestra which are composed by female musicians".

"This evening is a tribute to the woman, the mother, the worker, the artist and the musician in particular as women have proven themselves strongly in this area and that their  musical composition is never less brilliant, beautiful or sensitive than man's music," Miss Muhammad concluded.

Interviewed by Amal Farhat