Exhibition of the artist Lynn Batal, boldness of idea and novelty of colors

Damascus, (ST) - With her female painting brush, in which she rebelled against reality and the spontaneously of her ideas, the plastic artist, Lynn Batal embodied her works in the art work space. Her paintings are a mixture of boldness and modernity at the level of both color and idea.

The exhibition, which opened in the artist's gallery, Fatih al-Mudares for Fine Art embodied a different experience in the field of women’s plastic art at the level of the style in which Batal returned to the primacy of the idea and color.

Batal told SANA that her use of a rudimentary style came in different colors considering that the paintings included in her gallery give impressions of the man's relationship with the female and the person's relationship with himself through using acrylic and inks.

Batal hopes that her exhibition will provide a message to everyone interested in plastic art that the arena of this art accommodates all new ideas, no matter how daring.

Raghda Sawas