"Female Melodies" solo exhibition of fine artist Sawsan Haj Ibrahim

Damascus, (ST) - The exhibition hosted by the Arab Cultural Center in al-Adawi, under the title “Female Melodies” by Sawsan Haj Ibrahim depicts woman with colors of serenity and purity.

The exhibition included approximately 50 multi-topic paintings with women as a major theme in an expressive and abstract style.

 Sawsan has chosen the name "Female Melodies" for her exhibition, because she likens the painting to a musical instrument that the artist can play with special colors giving warmth or coolness as music is either quiet or loud.

Sawsan pointed out that she did not choose the titles of the paintings of her exhibition to leave the way for the imagination of the visitor, although she left some small symbols on the drawings to give visitors the ability to interpret them. She explained that her current experience is opposed to her wartime experience as she is heading toward serenity and happiness.

Raghda Sawas