For the first time in Syria ... A student challenges disability and discusses a Master's thesis in sign language

A new achievement recorded by people with disabilities in Syria, Hoda Haitham Mohamed, the student who discussed her first master’s thesis in sign language and obtained a degree of excellence with honor level.

In the Faculty of Arts at Damascus University, Huda discussed her message which is titled (Social and Behavioral Problems of Children with Hearing Disabilities), and passed her “deafness and dumbness” with language of sign, will, determination, and support of her family and friends.

The study was conducted at the Institute of Hearing Disability in Damascus, and presented a set of suggestions for the professionals under this category to improve their services and to design treatment and counseling programs to alleviate the problems which is facing them and help parents in adopting specific methods to deal with their children problems.

The judging committee for the study praised the student efforts and her proper research methodology and called for distributing the message to the concerned ministries and institutions.

  "My daughter has had the will and determination since childhood, and today she is senior student and a successful mother of two children and works at Damascus university with her husband who also suffers from deafness", her mother said …



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