Young artists celebrate Syrian women through paintings in an exhibition in Homs

Homs,(ST)-The exhibition of amateur artists organized by the (Ecumenical Relations and Development Department) in Homs of the Patriarchate of Antioch and the rest of the Orient for the Greek Orthodox reflected a number of young talents that deserve appreciation and attention, as their paintings have translated the depth of awareness of the 10 participants and their role in supporting social and humanitarian issues.

"The exhibition, which included artistic paintings and photography by amateurs, gave way to show the creations of these talented artists", according to Ammar Alloush, one of the participating artists with four photographic panels, stressing that he and his colleagues were able to broadcast a number of intellectual and cultural messages through the exhibition.

Alloush indicated that the exhibition, which is part of the activities of the 16-day campaign to combat gender-based violence, focused on noble concepts such as peace, love and hope.

Sandra Nadra 25 years, showed that she participated in eight photographic paintings in which she talks about violence against women and the need for woman to take care of herself, noting that the exhibition was a real opportunity for her to achieve her artistic presence in a manner befitting the effort she exerted during the past years.

Lauren Hanna participated in five paintings in which she relied on the colors of gouache and focused on everything that preserves the high rank of women and the necessity of dealing with them as a human value that gives life and dedication to those around her, calling for combating all forms of physical and verbal violence against her.

Nidal Lutfi, emphasized that his five participating paintings serve the campaign’s topic, indicating that women in general and Syrian women in particular have proven their exceptional abilities in supporting the nation and  in the various tribulations and challenges.










Amal Farhat