“It Is Your Right to Speak” is an Initiative that Highlights Women's Rights and Domestic Violence

A group of women courageously and confidently recounted their life experiences and interacted with each other through interactive sessions made available by the campaign entitled “It Is Your Right to Speak”, launched by the Family Planning Association in Homs in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund on the occasion of the 16-day campaign for “Ending violence against Women" .

Dialogue sessions on a number of topics, including gender-based violence, early marriage, life skills, volunteering, drug prevention, advocacy for rights, sexual health and gender equality, were among the most important topics discussed during the campaign that began on 25th of November and will last until December 10th in all clinics and safe areas in the Women's Development centers of the Association.

Ziwar Tayara, head of the association's branch, said that many activities and awareness sessions were held to discuss issues related to combating violence against women, eliminating the difficulties that hinder women's self-determination and to support them in playing their active role in the family and society.

Noura Al-Masri, a psychosocial support specialist, pointed out that the topics discussed during the campaign will avoid the negative effects and psychological pressures faced by women, whether in the family or work, noting the positive interaction and courage of participants to talk about their life experiences.

"The campaign raised the awareness of the participants in terms of informing them of their rights and considering the problem and emergency situations they are exposed to as the basis for the solution and an end to their suffering,” she concluded.



Amal Farhat - Homs