130 Syrian women hold an exhibition which is the first in its kind in Syria

Under the title "Damascene Visions", Syrian women exhibited at Abo Remmaneh Cultural Center 24 beautiful works engraved by them on copper.   

The works were produced by over 130 painters.

Artisan Ahmed Rateb Al-Daadi, the supervisor of the exhibition, said:"This exhibition is the first of its kind in Syria, and women who are participating in it do not belong to the same specialization."

 He added that women who wish to learn this handcraft is increasing, stressing the need to preserve this type of handcrafts and to hold training workshops and exhibitions.

On his part, Rimal al-Saleh, the director of the Syrian Development Association "Al-Wafa" said: "chalcography is one of the most famous oriental handcrafts and we should preserve this kind of art which is part of our heritage".

Rimal went on to say that most of the artisan's workshops were destroyed and looted during the terrorist war on Syria [ started in 2011].She affirmed that some of the workers in these workshops traveled abroad.

 The participation of women in the exhibition is considered as a source of pride for them and to their country to revive this heritage

Tasneem Ibrahim, as a participant in this activity, expressed her happiness for taking part in this exhibition which aims at preserving one of the Damascene crafts from being lost.

The one-week exhibition kicked off last Sunday

Nada Haj Khidr