Simple ideas turned into small success projects in the hands of Syrian women

Provinces, ST-The  number of Syrian women who try to  transform simple and distinctive ideas into real projects is increasing  day by day, either as a desire to pursue a hobby or simply to improve and increase their families' income.

The  women who participate in  these successful initiatives come from all over  Syria . They all try to challenge the difficult economic and social circumstances. They are able, with simple tools and little funding, to benefit from their talents and hobbies to start businesses capable of achieving a good income to help their families.

Mela Gross Younis, a young woman from Sweida who has turned her love for  making accessories into a craft by which she tries to  create attractive designs that reflect her artistic sense and taste for beauty.

Younis started to make accessories for more than one year,

"I  found in the accessories and old pieces an opportunity to develop my talent by reshaping these pieces so they  take a  new design in terms of colors, shapes and designs", she said.

Younis, 27 years old, added that  she spends long  hours in designing accessories and she is also keen on choosing materials from chains, beads and antiques as to meet people's demands.

Nisreen Shaheen from Homs has turned burlap and damaged cloth into artifacts and ornaments that decorate the most beautiful corners in the house. She can create  with colored beads avery beautiful garden full of  luminous trees. Shaheen said that her project helped her to complete her study atuniversity, Faculty of Education Department.

 In contrast, Rasha Tohme started to establish a small project that secures her a monthly income with the lowest expenses through which she can develop her talent in designing different products of wool.

Rasha, who lives in Qatinah village in Homs countryside,
pointed out that she designs bags, accessories, kitchenware, shawls and clothes in addition to Christmas decorations where she uses different types of wool to implement her designs inspired of her creative imaginationor according to the demands of customers and sell her products at reasonable prices to gaina simple profit.

M. Wassouf