"Female Pulse and Sense"… The first solo exhibition of Nahla Mawal

Sweida,ST- Innate touches inspired by the  female  sense and gentility portrayed by the artist Nahla Mawal in her first individual exhibition entitled (Female Pulse and Sense).

The exhibition, which was hosted by the "All Arts" Hall in Sweida, included 29 artistic works that represent woman in all her moods joy, sadness, love, creativity and steadfastness, in an expressive style using oil and water colors.

In a statement to SANA, Mawal pointed out that woman means a lot to her, she is the homeland in all its meanings. She is land and nature.

The plastic artist Ghinwa Hatoum explained that Mawal, with her innate love for art, enriched her artistic experience and reflected women's concerns and situations of deprivation and despair in a spontaneous manner and with simple possibilities. Thus, Mawal through most of her paintings tried to express the woman lurking inside her.