The first solo exhibition of the artist Hana Al-Oqla

Damascus,(ST)  - With her unique female sense, artist Hana Al -Oqla chose the theme of women within multiple humanitarian situations that mimic pain, nostalgia and war in her first solo exhibition. She entitled the exhibition “Maraya".

The paintings of the exhibition, which was hosted by Zawaya Gallery for Culture and Arts in Al-Qassa'a neighborhood in Damascus reflected the remarkable contradiction between the content of the subjects and the bright colors expressing hope and joy.

In a statement to SANA, Al -Oqla said that this exhibition was preceded by other participations in collective exhibitions during the past years and she aims to present the whole product of her work during the last two years.

The reason for choosing Maraya to be the title of her exhibition, she explained is that mirrors are a female companion on a daily basis and reflect what is inside us, noting that the exhibition includes many cases witnessed by the Syrian women during the war like parting, waiting and war in general.

Regarding the art school that she adopted in her exhibition, she said, "I relied on the Surrealist school in general with the addition of a fingerprint and my own thought, trying to focus on hope and based on my belief that in spite of the harsh days experienced of the Syrians, what is coming more beautiful".

 Raghda Sawas