A Feminist poetry evening at the cultural Center in Abo Rummaneh

Damascus, ST- Contemporary Syrian female poetry prevailed in the poetry reading evening held by the Arab Cultural Center in Abo Rommaneh for eight female poets who presented texts that varied between prose and poetry.

The readings presented by the critic Emad Fayyad differed between national, social and emotional genres.  At the beginning, the poet Hana Al-Omar delivered a number of texts formed by selected words and serious indications to reflect the reality of the society and the role of women in it. While Alia Issa's texts penetrated into the social and national human concerns which are always affected by reality.

Through her subjects, the poet Najwa Hadba tries to express the true emotions of women that are affected by social changes, whether they agree with these changes or not.

Rana Saleh concluded the evening with texts that reflect man's emotion and the need of the presence of woman beside him in life.

A number of poets and critics participated in impressionist interventions indicating special visions, namely Fayez Haddad, Ahmed Hilal, Tawfiq Ahmed and Emad Naddaf, expressing the beauty of the evening and its importance.

The plastic artist Rabab Ahmed, the head of the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh, pointed out that the cultural presence of women from all parts of Syria is an evidence of the important role of the female in the cultural construction to confront the dark and extremist thought.