Feminine Experiences

The Arab Cultural Centre in Abu Romaneh recently hosted a collective art exhibition under the title of "Feminine Experiences 2" that focused on Syrian woman as a symbol of beauty, love, fertility, hope, happiness and sacrifice. The exhibits highlight the crucial role played by Syrian women at the time of peace and war. The participating artists depicted Syrian women as active participants not only in the details of everyday life, but also in the socio-political fields and in all domains.

The important role played by Syrian women during the past eight years was also brought to light by the participants showing the strong personality of Syrian women and their determination to overcome difficulties and obstacles resulting from the terrorist war launched against the country.

They portrayed the suffering of Syrian women as a result the murder of their children by the armed terrorist groups.

The exhibits displayed included some photographs that describe the beauty and splendor of the Syrian natural landscapes. Other photographs represent some important archaeological monuments that tell the story of the great civilizations that had flourished on the Syrian soil over successive periods.