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Syrian women proved their success in various fields of life throughout history

Throughout history, Syrian women have always prove to be an example in struggle and courage in various fields of life. They excelled in politics, business, literature, sports, art, medicine and many other domains .They also struggled to get their full rights and imposed her strong personality and raised the name of Syria in national and international forums.

These are some well-known names of Syrian women who later became famous symbols that we are proud of in the present and through ancient and contemporary history:

Nazik Al-Abed

She was an activist, a fighter and a writer. With her determination and strong will, she was one of the first women in Syria who called for women's liberation.

Nazik was born in Damascus in 1887 to a wealthy and educated family. She learned French, German and English and she wrote rebellious articles calling for women's liberation in a number of magazines. Nazik Al Abed founded the Syrian Women's Club and the Working Woman Association. She was one of those brave activists who struggle against the French occupation. She was exiled twice due to her nationalist activities. Till now Nazek is still considered an immortal example of successful national woman.

Adela Bayham al-Jazaeri

Adela began her struggle at the age of 16 when she participated in volunteer associations to help the afflicted and the poor people during the Ottoman tyrannical period. She also participated in demonstrations condemning the French occupation. She was considered “the Leader of the women's movement in Syria”. In 1927, she founded with her colleagues “the Syrian Women Wakefulness Association” and “the Charitable Affairs Association for Arab Girls”. Adela was also one of the first founders of “the Syrian Arab Women's Union” and she was elected to chair it until 1967. She was awarded the Syrian Order of Merit in recognition of her efforts and honorable struggle life.



Mary Ajami

She was a writer, poet, journalist and founder of the Damascus Women's Literary Club in 1920. One of her important achievements was the establishment of the literary journal Al-Arous (The Bride), which was considered as the first journal that dealt with women’s affairs in the Arab Homeland in 1910. It ran for eleven years.






Amal al-Atrash was born in Jabal al-Arab, Syria in 1912. Better known by the name Asmahan, she was considered as one of the most important Syrian singers in the Arab world because of her rare and sweet voice. She sang for many composers, most notably her brother, the musician Farid al-Atrash, then she entered the world of cinema. Google is celebrating her birthday as one of the most influential Arab figures in the Arab artistic community.



Colette Khoury

Colette Khoury was born in Damascus in 1931to a well-known family. She got a degree in law and French literature, she is a writer and poet. Her works varied from poetry to novel, short story, history and literature. At the age of 20, Collette published her first book entitled “Twenty Years”. She is currently a consultant at the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic for Literature affairs. Colette Khoury is a national literary treasure that we are proud of.




Ghada al-Samman

One of the most famous Syrian writers in the last century. Ghada al-Samman lived in a period that witnessed the appearance of many Syrian writers such as: Colette Khoury and Leila Baalbaki. She got a degree in English Literature from the University of Damascus and worked as a journalist in most of Europe’s capitals and presented literature that dealt with women's affairs. Most of her works concerned the human psyche and social aspects that relate to the wide section of society. She wrote a number of works varied from fiction to poetry, novels and other genres of literature. Some of her works have been translated into several languages. Ghada al-Samman was nominated for the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature.


Queen Zenobia

Queen of Palmyra. Zenobia, the Syrian queen of war, she was an example of courage and horsemanship. Throughout history, Zenobia was known for her beauty and generosity. During her reign, Palmyra was considered as one of the most important and powerful ancient Syrian kingdoms.