One Woman ….One Hundred Companies

(ST)_ A delicate, gentle and charming woman wearing the Chinese typical dress at the China City pavilion in 61st Damascus International Fair- no she is not the cultural representative of China; she is the General Manager of 100 companies that make China City, in the free zone in Adra city. Syriatimes meet Ms. Zhou Dong Yun, General Manager of China City on the sidelines of Damascus International Fair.

Ms. Zhou Dong Yun supplied Syriatimes with a detailed explanation of China City in the Adra Free zone; which is considered an important Import/Export center for all Chinese merchandises and products in Syria. "It is a get-together, Chinese large companies and industries with Syrian businessmen, bridging the Chinese product with the local trader.

China City's geographical location make it a linking platform for countries in the region and China for trade & commerce exchange." She explained.

Concerning China City scopes of work,  "We have 100 companies, working in the following sectors: electrical equipment, gas and oil equipment and supplies, building and infrastructure, water supplies and, Electronics, PCs and Mobiles accessories; house equipment and appliances, cars and genuine; medical equipment and accessories, tourism" detailed Ms. Zhou Dong Yun.

China City aims at enlarging business activities in the Syrian market, in addition to partaking in developing projects that target Syria's rebuilding. Zhou Dong Yun, general director of China City of Syria's Adra Free Zone, said that the country still needs international support in the post-war time. "To start some big projects here still needs international support and aid," she said. "We are focusing on projects that could improve people's livelihood."

Getting Syrian women introduced to such an active woman is for sure an additional plus, as she can be a role model to ambitious women to enter in the world of business and entrepreneurship.  


Interview: Lama Alhassanieh