Maria Abdullah is the first Syrian woman specialized in orthopedic surgery

Dr. Maria Abdullah from Tartus is the first Syrian woman specialized in orthopedic surgeon.

“I choose to study orthopedics because it is one of the most enjoyable specialization. It full of imagination, art and talent” Dr. Maria Abdullah told SANA.

Dr. Maria studied orthopedics and got the Syrian Board Certification with an excellent degree and had the opportunity to get training courses in one of the hospitals of Tartous".

The young woman said that Syrian women have the ability and conditions to achieve their dreams in any field they choose stressing that the Syrian woman has proved that she is able to succeed in various scientific and professional fields.

The head of the Syrian Orthopedic Surgery Association, Dr. Mohammed Jihad Haj Ibrahim, said in a statement that he felt so proud to see a female doctor specialize in this difficult field. He pointed out that most of the female students in Medicine Faculty do not like the orthopedic surgery due to the fact that it is “a strenuous’ tough’ specialization”.