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Pioneering Role of Quneitra Red Crescent in Relief

(ST) – The Red Crescent in Quneitra Province plays a pioneering role in the service, health and social domains. The water team, in cooperation with the Red Crescent, provided six electricity generators distributed on Abazeh Hospital, bakeries, solid waste management and water establishment.

Head of the Quneitra Red Crescent, Jomah Hassan, confirmed that health services were distributed to thousands of families and free medicine in addition to two ambulances working day and night.

Cancer is not just 'bad luck' but down to environment, study suggests

Cancer is overwhelmingly a result of environmental factors and not largely down to bad luck, a study suggests.

Earlier this year, researchers sparked a debate after suggesting two-thirds of cancer types were down to luck rather than factors such as smoking.

The new study, used four approaches to conclude only 10-30% of cancers were down to the way the body naturally functions or "luck".

Experts said the analysis was "pretty convincing".

Why drinking hot lemon in the morning DOES improve your health

A new infographic reveals the ways drinking lemon water daily can improve your health.

The graphic lays out the top ten scientific explanations as to why lemon water is so good for you, including helping to keep skin youthful, supercharging your immune system and aiding weight loss.

Lemon water gives an alkalising, energising and revitalising boost that will help you fight common illnesses and signs of ageing.

Immune system supercharge

You can avoid the flu or the common cold by loading up on Vitamin C beforehand.

Mexico to get world's first dengue fever vaccine

Mexico has approved the use of the world's first vaccine against dengue fever, the health ministry announced.

The deadliest form of the mosquito-borne disease kills 22,000 people per year, according to the World Health Organisation, according to BBC.

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi said it developed the vaccine, Dengvaxia, over the past 20 years.

Some 40,000 people will receive the treatment in Mexico in an initial phase.

Being unhappy or stressed will not kill, says study

Being miserable or stressed will not increase your risk of dying, according to the UK's Million Women Study.

It had been thought that being unhappy was bad for health - particularly for the heart, according to BBC.

But the decade-long analysis, published in the Lancet, said previous studies had just confused cause and effect.

However, experts argued that unhappiness in childhood may still have a lasting impact.