Poor mental health care 'ruining lives'

Mental health care is so poor and underfunded that "lives are being ruined", a review in England says.

The report - by a taskforce set up by NHS England - said too many people were getting no help or inadequate care.

It set out a number of recommendations, including improving access to talking therapies and crisis care, according to BBC.

Ministers and health bosses immediately accepted the findings, promising to treat a million more people by 2020 with £1bn extra to tackle the problems.

Vinegar could potentially help treat ulcerative colitis

Vinegar is the perfect ingredient for making tangy sauces and dressings. Now, researchers report that the popular liquid could also help fight ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that research suggests is related to the gut microbiome. They found that vinegar suppressed inflammation-inducing proteins while improving the gut's bacterial makeup in mice.

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition that affects millions of people around the world. Although its cause isn't completely understood, research suggests that bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract play an important part.

Flashes of light may stop jet lag

Exposure to short flashes of light at night could help sleeping travellers adjust to new time zones and avoid jet lag, according to US scientists.

The light beams travel through the eyelids and this tells the brain to re-set the body's inner biological clock, the Stanford researchers believe, BBC according.

They tested the method in 39 volunteers and found it shifted a person's body clock by about two hours.

An hour of the flashlight therapy was enough to achieve this effect.

Scientists discover molecular link between psychiatric disorders and type 2 diabetes

There may be a genetic connection between some mental health disorders and type 2 diabetes. In a new report, scientists show that a gene called "DISC1," which is believed to play a role in mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and some forms of depression, influences the function of pancreatic beta cells which produce insulin to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Brazil Zika virus: 'War' declared on deadly mosquitoes

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has declared war on mosquitoes responsible for spreading the Zika virus in a recorded TV message to the nation.

She said a national mobilisation day would be held on Saturday, during which thousands of soldiers and state employees would work to eradicate the insects in homes and offices, according to BBC.

Ms Rousseff said most mosquitoes breed in or near people's homes.