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Recent Studies: Chamomile Consumption Fights Cancer Cells

HOMS, (ST) - A recent medical study suggests that chamomile consumption increases the body's immunity and protect it from infections to lift the level of white blood cells in the blood and also helps to relax the muscles in cases of uterine spasm and digestive system.

Other researches show the ability of chamomile to fight cancer cells and keep normal cells, whereas compounds were found inside that kill various types of cancer cells, including breast and prostate cancer cells.

Paracetamol ‘no good for back pain'

Paracetamol is ineffective at treating back pain and osteoarthritis despite being a recommended treatment, a group of Australian researchers has warned.

Their review of 13 clinical trials, said the drug did not reduce disability or improve quality of life.

Instead, the group warned, it increased the odds of liver problems.

The NHS is to review its guidelines. Experts say patients should consult a doctor before changing medicines.

Russian scientists create ‘bio-cement’ for human bones

Russian scientists have created a new biological material they called “bone cement”, which after 3D printing into a fracture or a crack, completely dissolves over time, while in its place the human body regenerates the missing part of the bone tissue.

According to RT, the new substance based on biological hydroxyapatite was created by scientists of the Russian National Research Nuclear University’s affiliate in the Siberian city of Seversk, Tomsk region.

Nutrition Expert Recommends Carob to Treat Irritable Colon

HOMS,(ST) - Nutrition expert at the Petrochemical Engineering Faculty at Al-Baath University Dr. Rana Mustafa advises carob drink to ease the movement of the muscles’ bowels, treat irritable colon and alleviate the cough.

Ceratonia siliqua, commonly known as the carob tree, St John's-bread, or locust bean is a species of flowering evergreen shrub or tree in the pea family, Fabaceae. It is widely cultivated for its edible pods, and as an ornamental tree in gardens. The fruit is found the in Mediterranean.

Fasting and less-toxic cancer drug may work as well as chemotherapy

Fasting in combination with chemotherapy has already been shown to kill cancer cells, but a pair of new studies in mice suggests that a less-toxic class of drugs combined with fasting may kill breast, colorectal and lung cancer cells equally well.

If shown to work in humans, this combination could replace chemotherapy and make fasting a potent component of a long-term strategy to treat cancer, according to senior author Valter Longo of USC.