'Hypocritical' Aussie FM at UN Ebola meeting warns against discrimination

The Aussie FM has slammed discrimination against nationals of Ebola-hit W. African countries while chairing the UN Security Council. Her statement has prompted accusations of hypocrisy as Australia has imposed travel bans on these states.

“The Security Council expresses its continued concern about the detrimental effect of the isolation of the affected countries as a result of trade and travel restrictions imposed on and to the affected countries,” said Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who read a statement from the UN Security Council in New York.

6 Healthy Eating Habits for People with Diabetes


Goal: Eat a variety of foods within and among the basic food groups while you stay within your calorie needs.

Which means: Make your calories count! Choose foods packed with vitamins and minerals. Don’t use up your calories on foods with added fats and sugars.

2. Take Control of Your Calories

Goal: Control the number of calories you eat in order to reach or remain at a healthy body weight. 

You might be allergic to penicillin; then again, you might not

Many people have been told, incorrectly, that they're allergic to penicillin, but have not had allergy testing. These people are often given alternative antibiotics prior to surgery to ward off infection. But when antibiotic choices are limited due to resistance, treatment alternatives may be more toxic, more expensive and less effective.

According to two studies presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting, people who believe they have a penicillin allergy would benefit from consultation from an allergist and penicillin allergy skin testing. Once they know if they are allergic, they can be given appropriate -- and not more resistant -- treatment prior to surgery. Of the 384 people in the first study who believed they were allergic to penicillin, 94 percent tested negative for penicillin allergy.

Russia develops new medicine for Parkinson’s disease


Russian scientists claimed to have successfully tested a medicine which could be a breakthrough in treating patients of Parkinson’s disease.

“We have synthesised a compound which completely removes all symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in animals,” said Konstantin Volcho, a spokesman of Vorozhtsov Institute of Organic Chemistry in the southwestern Siberian city of Novosibirsk.

Cure for Type 1 diabetes imminent after Harvard stem-cell breakthrough

Harvard University has produced the vast quantities of insulin-producing cells needed for transplants

A cure for diabetes could be imminent after scientists discovered how to make huge quantities of insulin-producing cells, in a breakthrough hailed as significant as antibiotics, according to the Telegraph as reported by its science editor, Sarah knapton.

Harvard University has, for the first time, managed to manufacture the millions of beta cells required for transplantation.