Sleep mode: Your brain dozes off even while you’re awake, study finds

One moment you’re alert and paying attention, the next you’ve somehow zoned out and missed something key. New research says this might be a result of parts of the brain switching off even while you’re awake.

Researchers from Stanford University have discovered that, even during waking hours, parts of our brains fall asleep and wake back up all the time, according to RT.

New insights into skin cells could explain why our skin doesn't leak

The discovery of the shape and binding capability of epidermal cells could explain how skin maintains a barrier even when it is shedding according to Science daily.

The authors of the study say their new understanding of how epidermal cells form a barrier may explain the paradox of how we can shed them without compromising our skin's integrity. It could also help us to understand what happens when it forms incorrectly, which could lead to conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Germany detects H5N1 bird flu on poultry farm in Brandenburg

Germany reported a first case of the contagious bird flu strain H5N1 on a small poultry farm in the northeastern state of Brandenburg, the state's consumer protection ministry said.

The farm in the Oberhavel district was sealed off and some 500 chicks, ducks and geese were culled, a spokeswoman for the consumer protection ministry of Brandenburg said, according to Reuters.

"It's the first time in the current season that this type of bird flu was detected on a poultry farm in Brandenburg," the spokeswoman said.

Minnesota Plans to Legalize Marijuana to Help PTSD Patients

Minnesota citizens will be allowed to use medical cannabis for post-traumatic stress disorder beginning summer 2017, according to the state’s Department of Health.

The Minnesota Department of Health has legalized the use of medical cannabis for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a condition of crippling anxiety that follows a traumatic event, including a car accident, a criminal attack, or combat, according to Sputnik.

Missing sleep may hurt your memory

Lack of sleep, already considered a public health epidemic, can also lead to errors in memory, and finds a new study by researchers according to Science daily.

The study, found participants deprived of a night's sleep they were shown in a series of images.

"We found memory distortion is greater after sleep deprivation," said Kimberly Fenn, associate professor of psychology and co-investigator on the study. "And people are getting less sleep each night than they ever had."