Diet rich in tomatoes cuts skin cancer in half in mice

Daily tomato consumption appeared to cut the development of skin cancer tumors by half in a mouse study, according to Science Daily.

The new study of how nutritional interventions can alter the risk for skin cancers.

It found that male mice fed a diet of 10 percent tomato powder daily for 35 weeks, then exposed to ultraviolet light, experienced, on average, a 50 percent decrease in skin cancer tumors compared to mice that ate no dehydrated tomato.

Children 'exercise less as they get older'

The number of children doing an hour of exercise a day falls by nearly 40% between the ages of five and 12.

Figures suggest that by the final year of primary school, just 17% of pupils are doing the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day, according to BBC.

A spokesman for Public Health England described the drop in activity levels as "concerning".

More than a third of children in England are overweight by the time they leave primary school.

Cranberries are superfoods

 Cranberries have long been hailed a 'superfood' for their cancer-fighting properties but now they have been proven to benefit our gut health, say experts.

For the first time, certain friendly microbes have been found to grow when fed a carbohydrate in the fruit. 

Good intestinal bacteria not only improves digestion but also our brain health, mood, emotions, energy levels, and weight loss, according to Daily Mail.

Whats more, our microflora has also increasingly been linked to many aspects of health, including aging, arthritis, depression, cancer and heart conditions.  

Orange a day cuts the risk of dementia

Eating an orange a day could slash the risk of dementia, a major study shows.

Daily intake of any citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes can cut the chances of developing the incurable brain condition by almost a quarter, it suggests.

The findings, by a team of scientists, suggest that tangy fruits could be a powerful weapon against a disease that is emerging as a modern day epidemic.

An omega-3 rich diet really can fight bowel cancer

Eating salmon, walnuts and chia seeds could boost your chances of surviving bowel cancer, a new study claims.

Full of omega-3 fatty acids, the tasty staples prevent deadly tumours from spreading across the body.

When broken down after eating, these then go onto release molecules that directly attack cancerous cells, scientists say.