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Moscow: First coronavirus vaccine put into general circulation

Moscow (ST): The Russian Ministry of Health said that it  put the first batch of coronavirus vaccine into general circulation.

Russia Today quoted the Ministry's press office as saying in a statement that the first coronavirus vaccine had undergone the required laboratory and epidemiological  tests and it was put into general circulation , adding that it will reach all Russian territories as soon as possible.

58 new Coronavirus infections registered in Syria, 14 recovered, 3 died

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Health  announced today that 58 new Coronavirus infections  have been registered in Syria, 14 people infected with the virus have recovered, while 3 others have died.

The Ministry said in a statement that the total number of Coronavirus infections registered in Syria has risen to 3229 so far, among which 744 have recovered and 137others passed away.

The first Coronavirus case in Syria was detected last March 22nd while the first death from the fatal virus was reported on 29th of the same month.


Ministry of Health: 67 new infections, 15 recoveries, and 4 deaths from Coronavirus are recorded

 On September 6, the Ministry of Health announced recording of 67 new infections, the recovery of 15 cases, and the death of 4 cases of recorded infections with the Coronavirus in Syria.

The Ministry said in a statement that the total number of infections recorded in Syria so far has reached 3171, of which 730 have recovered and 134 died.

The first infection with Corona virus was recorded in Syria on March 22 for a person coming from outside the country, while the first death was recorded on March 29.

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Coronavirus claims the lives of more than 883 thousand people in the world

The new Coronavirus has claimed the lives of  883,771 people in the world since its onset last December.

According to a new statistic published by the World Meter website, which is operated by an international team of developers and researchers, 27069726 confirmed cases of the virus and 883,771 deaths were recorded around the world, while 19170299 people recovered.

More data is available in the following link:


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The Yemeni Health Ministry warns of total hiatus to health sector due to siege of Saudi aggression

The Yemeni Ministry of Health has warned of the total stoppage of all health facilities in the country as they are running out of fuel because of the Saudi aggression’s detention of  ships carrying oil products.

“A number of hospitals will possibly close  during the coming period due to the oil products crisis,” Al-Masirah Net website quoted the Ministry’s spokesman, Dr. Yusef Al-Hadiri, as saying in a statement, criticizing the silence of international organizations on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and their indifference to it.

He pointed out that more than 400 governmental and private hospitals in Yemen suffer from the oil products crisis.

Inas Abdulkareem