Coronavirus infections around the world are close to 40 million

Capitals, (ST) - The new Corona virus has killed one million 114,886 people around the world since its appearance last December.

According to the latest statistics of the Worldometer website, the total number of infections in the world has reached 39 million and 979677 cases, while the number of people who have recovered has reached 29 million and 897007 people so far.

In Russia, the Russian Center for Epidemic Control announced the registration of 185 deaths and 15,099 new infections with the Coronavirus during the past 24 hours, which raises the death toll to 24,187 and infections to one million and 399,344, while 5377 people recovered, bringing the death toll to one million and 70,576 people since the start Epidemic outbreak.

In Germany, data from the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases today showed that the number of HIV infections increased by 5587, bringing the total to 361974 cases, while ten new deaths were recorded from the disease, bringing the total to 9777 deaths.

Raghda Sawas