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Health Ministry: 40 new coronavirus cases registered, 18 patients recover, 3 pass away

Damascus, (ST)-The Ministry of Health announced the registration of 40 new cases of the Coronavirus, the recovery of 18 cases, and the death of 3 cases of recorded infections with the virus in Syria, in a continuation of the decline in the number of daily infections that started five days ago.

The ministry indicated in a statement, which SANA received a copy of today, that the number of injuries recorded in Syria so far has reached 3654, of which 889 have recovered, and 163 died.

According to last Friday's statistics, the ministry recorded 60 cases of Coronavirus, of which 15 have recoverd and 3 have died.

The first infection with Corona virus was recorded in Syria on the twenty-second of last March for a person coming from outside the country, while the first death was recorded on the twenty-ninth of the same month.

Haifaa Mafalani