WHO demands governments to take strict measures against Corona virus

Geneva (ST): Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus  demanded that the governments of the states infected with corona virus should take strict measures, stressing that the current measures were not sufficient to overcome the spread of the pandemic.

 In a press conference, he made today, Ghebreyesus said that asking people to stay at home and the measures taken to halt their movements would not end the pandemic. However, he added, that medical isolation and limiting people's movement are the best way to limit the spread of the pandemic

He went on to say that re-opening schools and resuming  the work sector is the last thing that should be done by states, because they would be obliged to close them again when the virus returns.

Ghebreyesus noted that there are more than 150 states and those affected are less than 100, pointing out that the governments of these states have an opportunity to halt the spread of the virus through taking severe measures.

Reference should be made to the fact that Corona virus has claimed the lives of  20599 in different parts of the world until now.