Peak of the current outbreak of novel coronavirus in China is over

BEIJING-The Chinese National Health Commission announced on Thursday that the peak of the current outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China is over.

The announcement came while other new cases of coronavirus are being confirmed in different parts of the world.

According to Xinhua, the Commission spokesperson Mi Feng said in a press conference in Beijing that new disease cases keep declining and the overall epidemic situation remains at a low level.

Mi said the number of new cases in Wuhan, the epicenter in central China's Hubei Province, has dropped to a single digit, with only eight cases reported on Wednesday.

 Only seven new cases were reported on the Chinese mainland outside Hubei, but six were imported from overseas.

Greece announced today the first death case because of Coronavirus out of 99 confirmed cases.

Algeria also declared the first death due to the disease while 24 infected people are still receiving necessary treatment.

In the meantime, 24 new infection cases were reported in Saudi Arabia and 8 cases in Kuwait.

In Iraq, the Iraqi health Ministry announced that 15 Coronavirus cases were recovered, while the Lebanese Ministry of health announced the third death case because of Cornoavirus.

Three Coronavirus cases in Cuba and other 11 cases in Thailand were also confirmed.

Because of Coronavirus, Twitter asked its 4900 employees to work from home.

On Wednesday, the WHO characterized COVID-19 outbreak as pandemic, urging action.

Hamda Mustafa