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Updating medical centers and hospitals and putting them into service after getting rid of terrorism in Aleppo

Three years after its liberation from terrorism, the health sector in Aleppo is gradually regaining its presence by restoring damaged hospitals and health centers in order to provide health services to people.

According to Dr. Ziyad Haj Taha, Head of Health Directorate in Aleppo, 40 medical centers have been updated and put into service in addition to continuing work and providing free medical treatment to citizens in 8 hospitals. Dr. Haj Taha referred to the plans to put more such facilities in place and equip them with medical equipment and staff, respectively.


Haj Taha told SANA correspondent that the Directorate qualified the emergency system that was supported by modern cars in addition to the support of the Public Health Programs Department.  He referred to the successive vaccination campaigns during the war.

He pointed out that the process of activating health centers in the countryside and the city and providing them with modern medical equipment is now continuing, where a magnetic resonance device was installed and put into service in the Ibn-Rushd Medical Complex to provide free medical and treatment services to citizens.

Haj Taha pointed to the free of charge medical services which were offered by the hospitals since 2017 until now and by the primary health care centers in addition to providing medicines for chronic diseases.

The hospitals were severely damaged by terrorism, Dr. Haj Taha said, adding that currently there are 8 hospitals that provide various health services to citizens and that there is a study to rehabilitate and restore children's and eye hospitals through the General Company for Engineering Studies and their restoration will begin at the beginning of the next year.

Dr. Haj Taha referred to the centers concerned with breast health and the provision of mammography and early detection services for cancer.

SANA correspondent toured the liberated neighborhoods and was briefed on some medical services that are provided to the people through the health centers spread there.

Dr. Mustafa Bakir, the Deputy Director of the Health Center of Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood, spoke about the medical and treatment services that are provided to the people of the Bustan Al-Qasr, Kallaseh and Zabdianeighborhoods, after its restoration and putting it into service since more than one year.


Inas Abdulkareem