The outpatient expansion project of the Hospital Diseases and Cardiac Surgery at the University of Aleppo retain to service

Aleppo-(ST) The Hospital Diseases and Cardiac Surgery at the University of Aleppo developed a project to expand the outpatient service, after its completion, at a cost of 160 million Syrian pounds, to accommodate more than 120 patients per day in addition to the ambulance department auditors, bringing the number of patients and clients per day to 300 patients.

Dr. Tamim Azzawi, director of the hospital, told a SANA reporter that the opening of the outpatient expansion project contributes to reducing congestion from the hospital to accommodate the largest number of patients, as he pointed out that the Cardiac and Surgery hospital has more than three departments that service patients. 

Hospital Cardiac diseases and surgery serves cardiac diseases through the existing departments, which are intensive care, cardiac and surgical care, outpatient clinics, and an ambulance equipped with the latest advanced medical devices, including multi-layer axial stratification, cardiac catheterization devices, and voltage testing devices. And eco across the esophagus.

Eng. Mahmoud Al-Nashif, the head of the engineering office at the hospital, stated that the opening of the outpatient clinics came to relieve the pressure on the clinics currently operating in the hospital and to serve the largest number of citizens and patients reviewing as the building consists of six clinics for heart diseases.

For his part, Dr. Yazan Sarmani, who specializes in cardiac studies, explained that the ambulance department receives patients, clients, and ambulatory conditions.

Dr. Hala Salim, Head of the Laboratory Department, drew attention to the medical and free analyzes that are performed for patients and reviewers, including the analysis of sugar, creatine, cholesterol, fats and electrolytes, as well as hormone analysis, where the number of daily analyzes reaches one hundred.




Haifaa Mafalani