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“World Pink Month" in Syria

“World Pink Month". Has been represented in Syria through the National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign launched at the beginning of October. It is worthy to mention that October is chosen globally as breast cancer awareness month. The campaign provide clinical examination and X-rays; beside, educational symposiums and lectures at health and social centers to raise awareness among Syrian women.

The Ministry of Health is proceeding with clinical examinations and mammograms in 850 health centers for women over 40, according to Dr. Reem Dahman, Director of the Reproductive Health Department at Ministry of Health.

Dr.Dahman declared in a statement to SANA that the services offered during this campaign, carry on throughout the year. However, in October the ministry intensifies these activities through educational sessions for women and free services offered by the ministry of health for early detection of breast cancer.

she clarifies the importance of early breast cancer detection  which should be initiate by self-examination ending in medical and radiology treatment. Women should avoid many risk factors that may increase the causes such as genetic disease, obesity smoking, and late procreation.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, which locally reaches 30% of women according to the National Cancer Registry at the Ministry of Health. Last year, the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign reached 250.000 women with 8500 mammograms tests in health centers and hospitals. Which included medical examinations, awareness sessions and self-examination training.


Edited by: Nada Haj khidr