There is a direct correlation between physical exercise and overall health. If you get a bit of regular exercise and don't totally "junk out" regarding your diet, you will, in general, be healthier than someone who doesn't exercise. There is no medical practitioner or physiologist alive who will disagree with this idea. Not a single one.

 It is not necessary to become a triathlete to improve your health, your quality of life, and your longevity. But your body responds to exercise in a unique way, a way that it will not respond to anything else. To cite a single example, you don't get 6-pack abs on any kind of diet with no exercise. But the good news is that you can eat some really good foods and not have to bust your buns in the gym to improve your health and your shape.

Connect with your health care practitioner and share your thoughts with him or her. And connect with family or friends who might want to make some changes. Think through the issues regarding exercise, diet and overall body health. Find your own "spot" in the spectrum, and make whatever changes you need to in order to get there. You absolutely have the power to do this, and, equally as important, only you can do it for yourself. But there is a caution.

There are no miracle pills or magic mechanisms that will substitute for "sensible" dieting and bit of regular exercising. Do not let anyone sell you any pie in the sky. Oh, it would be nice, but you just ain't gonna bag a healthy physique without a bit of personal effort. That includes a bit of sweat, and a bit of restraint and "retraining" of your taste buds. Anyone in disagreement is selling something, and is actually selling smoke and mirrors. Be smart about this one.

Your consciousness has been installed inside a biochemical machine, and the more you know about the machine and its workings, the better you can take care of it. You can shape and sculpt it, and tune it to razor sharpness. But pick a healthy lifestyle that is a good fit, and go for it. Little changes are generally more successful than wholesale overhauls. And you can totally do this.

Raghda Sawas