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Pioneering Role of Quneitra Red Crescent in Relief

(ST) – The Red Crescent in Quneitra Province plays a pioneering role in the service, health and social domains. The water team, in cooperation with the Red Crescent, provided six electricity generators distributed on Abazeh Hospital, bakeries, solid waste management and water establishment.

Head of the Quneitra Red Crescent, Jomah Hassan, confirmed that health services were distributed to thousands of families and free medicine in addition to two ambulances working day and night.

 Regarding the psychological support, Mr. Jomah pointed to the visits paid by a specialized team to schools and refugee centers where many necessary things provided to them.

The food baskets provided to the poor families amounted to 106147, 21.000 health baskets, flour bags and 6281 kitchen utensils in addition to various necessary things including milk, clothes, electric charges, blankets, mats and water containers.

The Governor of Quneitra, Ahmad Sheikh Abdull Qader, stressed the need to promote and develop the relief work to the benefit of the citizens of the province.

Head of the Quneitra Red Crescent pointed to the coordination with concerned bodies in the domain of relief work to provide health, environmental and education services.

Khaled al-Khaled

E&T by Sh. Kh.