Medical Uses of Aromatic Plants

(ST) - The use of medicinal aromatic plants has spread lately in the coastal villages because of its health benefits. The druggist, Ahmad Salloum, who learned the uses and benefits of these herbs and plants from his father, said that many people use them as part of their daily lives.

The herbs are found in nature and mountains and enjoy wide medical properties away from harmful chemicals. These plants are collected in spring and summer seasons. They dried and kept in a dry place away from moisture to protect them from harmful insects.

Mr. Salloum said that Meiramiyya is useful in activating marrow and nervous systems and the thyroid gland, it purifies blood and useful for insomnia, depression, strengthening the body's immunity. Mallissa is used as a palliative and to remove anxiety and stress. Hyssop is useful in the prevention of respiratory and digestive systems. Wild thyme is useful in the cases of whooping cough and respiratory infections, asthma and lithotripsy.

The rosemary is used in the treatment of diseases of the urinary and gastro rheumatism and repelling gas. Al -Tayoun plant contains anti- bacterial and tapeworms, reduces sugar and improves the absorption of calcium. Al Khetmiyya is used as a palliative and in cases of constipation and treatment of bronchitis and lung.

Hibiscus strengthens heart and purifies blood. Chamomile is useful in the treatment of flue, colds, inflammation of the skin, calming the verves and inhaling its vapor is useful in bronchitis. Al Aisalan is used in the restoration of the skin of burns, eczema and cures of psoriasis, Mr. Salloum explained.

The adoption of people to herbal medicine returns to the little cost, especially they are affordable and provide alternative medicine. The unfair and random harvesting of such herbs led to the scarcity of some species. Some people called for tightening procedures for the protection of forestry sites because the coast is an enormous stockpile of these plants, Mr. Salloum clarified.

An expert in the Forestry Department said that  his Bureau encourages farmers to grow these species of herbs because they have become scarce and must be cultivated and improved to cover the required quantities for residents and pharmaceutical industries that rely on  raw materials of natural origin.

He pointed out that the Forest Service also encourages farmers to cultivate these herbs in low- fertility soil and on the slopes and provide them with saplings from agricultural centers.

It is noteworthy, that the coastal region forms a large stockpile of herbs and wild plants. It is necessary to maintain and encourage their cultivation, encourage investors to establish future industries based on these materials as a complement to the medicinal and aromatic industries under the supervision of the state to be exported as a product that contributes in developing and improving the living condition of farmers and giving nature unparalleled beauty.

Sh. Kh