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Alsoma is the third in a referendum for the award of best player in the Arab League

The players from the Syrian National football team, Omar Alsoma , won the third place in the sixth annual referendum organized by the Arab Federation for sports press , based in Amman , for the award of the best player in the Arab League  with the participation of 177 sports journalists representing 18 Arab countries , including Syria

Alsoma , who played with Saudi Alahly , came third in the referendum , after the Tunisian Ali Maaloul "Alahly of Egypt " and the Algerian Bounajah "the Qatari Dam", so that Moroccan Sufian Rahimi "Raja Casablanca " came fourth , and Saudi Salim Aldossari "Alhilal " came fifth

The Egyptian Mohamad Salah "Liverpool of England" won first place in the award for the best Arab player in the world League , followed by the Algerian Riad Muhriz "Manchester city of England "then Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi "Italian Inter Milan " , and Moroccan Yassin Bono " Seville the Spanish " and the Algerian Ismail Bin Nasser "Milan of Italian

At the club level , the Egyptian Alahly club came first followed by the Saudi Alhilal club , then the Egyptian club Zamalek

It is noteworthy that Alsoma was born in Deir Ezzor , March 28,1989.He is considered one of the best players in the Asian continent , and he won the title of top scorer in the Syrian League under the age of 18 with 29 goals, and the Kuwaiti League goal in 2013 with 23 goals , and the Saudi League goal in three consecutive seasons with Alahly club with 22 goals , 27 goals and 24 goals in a row

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Syrian team for special sports wins a gold medal at Fazaa International Athletics Championship in UAE

Syrian special sports player Abdul Hakim Al-Bakr on Saturday wins gold medal in shor put throwing competitions on the last day of the  Fazaa International Athletics Championship in UAE.

This championship is the last stage to gain scores qualifying for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

On the second day of the championship, the Syrian team for Special won three silver medals.

The three medals were won by player Mohammad Khaled Mohammad in Javelin throwing after scoring 43,69 meter and by athletes Alaa Abdul Salam and Ali As'ad in shot put throwing competitions.

The Arab Rugby Championship: Syrian men's team beats Iraq and Sudan, and the women's team beats its Lebanese counterpart

Alexandria (ST): The Syrian men's rugby team defeated today its Iraqi counterpart with a score of 26 goals against 5 in the sixth Arab Rugby Championship in Alexandria, Egypt. 

Our team also won a second match over its Sudanese counterpart 24-0. 

Our women's rugby team defeated its Lebanese counterpart, 12 to 7, in the First Arab Rugby Women's Championship.

With these results, our men's and women's teams will qualify for the semi-finals, regardless of the results of the rest of the matches.

It is noteworthy that the tournament  began today in Alexandria,  with the participation of 8 men's teams and 4 women's teams from Syria, Egypt, the UAE, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Palestine and Iraq.


Two silver medals for the Syrian team for special sports at the opening of the Fazza International Championship

Abu Dhabi (ST):  The Syrian Athletics National Team for Special Sports won two silver medals at the opening of the Fazza International Championship currently held in the United Arab Emirates (the last qualifying phase for Paralympics Tokyo).

The two silver medals were scored by Mohammad  Khaled Mohammad in the shot-put competition and Abdel Hakim Al-Bakr in the discus competition, after registering a number of 33.35 meters, which is a new Syrian number in this competition.

One Step away from the Finals

The Syrian basketball team is preparing for the third round of the Asian Nations qualifiers for the finals.

 Our team will meet the teams of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the Qatari capital, Doha, on the eighteenth and twenty-first of next month.

The team is conducting morning and evening training in Al-Faiha Hall, and the players Mahmoud Tarrab and Iyad Helani joined the training after they obtained the results of the PCR examination, while Tariq Al-Jabi continues individual exercises to return to the team.

The players that are nominated to play in the national team are Ammar Al-Ghumayyan - Khalil Khoury - Zakaria Al Hussein - Jamil Sadir - Omar Sheikh Ali - Anas Shaban - Hani Adribi - Rami Morgana - Tariq Al Jabi - Abdel Wahab Al Hamwi - Sharif Al Ash - Majd Arbasha - Nadim Issa - Anthony Bakr - Tawfiq Al-Saleh - Wael Jalilati - Georgy Nazarian - Sebouh Kharjian - Joseph Youssef - Elias Azaria - Omar Idlibi - Al-Abrash. The coach will select fifteen players to travel.

Our team will meet with the teams of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the third round on the 18th and 21st of this month, noting that it is waiting for one victory to qualify for finals, especially after the team's victory over the Iranian team with a score of 77-70 points within the second window.