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Will Al-Suma win the Prize of Best Scorer in Asia?

After getting the title of best footballer in Syria, the Asian Football federation chose him and another nine players to win the title of best Scorer in Asian Leagues.

Omar Al-Suma is one of the best players in Asia, and he has  a special gift of scoring in the air and in the free fixed shot, the Asian Football Federation said on their Website.

Al-Suma has got the rate of one goal per game since he played in Al-Ahli in 2014, the Asian Football Federation added.

It is to be mentioned that Omar Al-Suma was born on 28 March, 1989. He got the titles of best scorer in the Syrian League with 29 goals, best scorer in Kwiat League in 2013 with 23 goals and three times best scorer in KSA League with (22, 27, 24 goals).


Syrian Swimming team achieves four medals in Martin Cup Tournament

The Syrian swimming team achieved four various medals on the first day of the Martin Cup tournament which is currently held in Thailand.

Swimmer Omar Abbas won one gold medal in (400m free style race, 4.06.00 min) and also won one silver medal in (1500 m free style race, 16,50.65 min), while Ayman Kalzia won one silver in (400 m various style race, 4.42.65 min) and one bronze medal in (50 m butterfly race, 24.22 sec).  


Syrian Judo team achieves good results

The Syrian Judo team won two bronze medals in the first day of the Arab Judo Championship which was held in Kuwait.  

13 Arab teams participated in the competition.

Mohammad Shaker Al-Masri (Jonior-U-60 kg) and Majd Haj Kaddour (Jonior-U-73 kg) won the bronze medals.



Syria wins five medals in West Asian Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championship

RIYADH, (ST)- The Syrian table tennis team participating the West Asia Junior and Cadet Table Tennis Championship, currently held in Saudi Arabia, won five medals (two gold, two silver and one bronze).

One of the gold medals went to Obeida Zaza from the junior category after defeating his Qatari counterpart 3-0 in the final match. The other went to his sister Hind Zaza from the cadet category.

Ibaa Hallaq, Naya Suleiman got two silver medals while Nana Kurdeya won a bronze medal also for the cadet category.

Ghazal is the best Syrian athlete and Somma is the best Syrian footballer

With the participation of 53 Syrian journalists, the Syrian Sports Journalists Committee announced the results of the annual questionnaire (2019) to choose the best athlete and soccer player in Syria.

The Syrian athlete player Majd Al-Din Ghazal ranked first with 103 points, while swimmer Firas Mualla ranked second with 71 points, then equestrian Ahmed Hamsho ranked third with 37 points.

On the other hand, the Syrian footballer player Omar Al-Soma ranked first with 104 points, while Mahmoud Al-Mawas ranked second with 54 points, then the goalkeeper Ibrahim Alamah ranked with 23 points.