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Abeer Bahloul a female Syrian boxer

Abeer Bahloul is a female Syrian boxer who has developed her skills through continuous training. She participated in local championships and became one of the distinguished boxers in the country.

Bahloul, 27, said in a statement to SANA “I started  boxing alongside a number of female colleagues two years ago during which I worked hard to enhance female boxing in Syria and that made me a main player representing the Boxing Federation in many tournaments.

Bahloul added: “Although my training period was short in the first stage at Al-Nidal Club, but I managed to win the first place in the Republic Championship, which was held for the first time in the country two years ago. This victory was a strong motivation for me to intensify my training under the supervision of Coach Mohamed Shehadeh. After this tournament, I moved to a new stage of training by applying up-to-date methods, " she pointed out.

Syria's special sports team player Ali Asaad qualified for the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2021

Syria's special sports player Ali Asaad qualified for  the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic  Games  after he  had achieved international qualification standards for the shot put  classification. 

Asaad's qualification came after he scored 11.71 meters in the shot put  in the Grand Prix championship that took place in Tunisia last year, as this number is considered among the international qualification criteria for the "F 11" classification for  shot put. 

Ahmad Radi is gone

The former Iraqi soccer player Ahmed Radi died few hours ago after being infected with the Corona virus "Covid 19" in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Radi entered the hospital several days ago, medical sources told Al-sumaria News website.

He was suffering from shortness of breath and showing symptoms of infection with the Corona virus, Al-Sumaria added.

It is to be mentioned that Radhi was born in 1964. He played in Iraqi Al-Zawraa club and the Iraqi national team. Radis' talent in soccer made the Iraqi team reach the World Cup finals. He played in the Iraqi team that achieved the Gulf Cup championship in 1988 and won the title of best scorer. Also he was chosen as the best player in Asia.

On the other hand, Radi played in Al-Zawraa club that won the Iraqi league title 5 times, the Iraqi Cup 7 times, the Arab Champions League 3 times, the second place in the 1988 Asian Champions, qualified with his Iraqi team for the 1986 World Cup, and qualified for the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.


Indian Embassy in Damascus Marks International Day of Yoga

Yoga is a gift  stemming from Indian tradition that embodies the unity between mind , body, thoughts, and action. It symbolizes harmony between humans and nature .

Under the title "Yoga for Harmony and Peace", the Indian Embassy in Damascus, in cooperation with the Higher Committee for Yoga and Energy in Syria organized on Friday  an event  marking  the International Day of Yoga, which is celebrated on June  the 21st  ,  at al-Jalaa Sports  city  in Damascus.

The  activity  included exercises for yoga practitioners  that  embodied the unified world movements of yoga as well as spiritual dances that express peace.

Advanced positions for the Syrian team in chess at the end of the Mediterranean Championship

Damascus, (ST) -  The Syrian team for chess scored good results at the end of its participation in the Mediterranean championship, which was held via the Internet and included three stages and witnessed wide participation from several countries.

In the third and final stage, during which the participating teams were divided into two groups, the Syrian team achieved the sixth position as a general.