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A gold, three silver and two bronze medals for Syria in the Tunisian International Athletics Championships

The Syrian national athletics team won six medal-one gold, three silver and two bronze at the end of the international tournament that was held in Rades, Tunisia. 

480 male and female athletes representing 64 countries participated in the international tournament.

Mohammad Khaled Mohammad won the gold medal on the first day of the tournament in the javelin throwing. He scored a distance of 41.68 meters in the (F57) classification. 

Ali Asaad won the silver medal by throwing the disc, scoring a distance of 32.50 meters in the (F11) classification, breaking his previous record of 31.50 meters. 

On the second day, Mohamed returned to win the silver medal in the throwing the iron ball. 

Alaa Abdul Salam won the silver medal in the throwing of the iron ball for the classification (F53) in addition to the bronze medal in throwing the javelin for the same classification.

It is noteworthy that this tournament qualifies these athletes  for the Paralympic Games to be held in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, on August 24th. 


Inas Abdulkareem